DJ Equipment - Cerwin-Vega V-35X DISCONTINUED ITEM


Discontinued DJ Equipment

History without tradition is dead! Established in 1954, Cerwin-Vega is the largest family owned and operated loudspeaker company in the U.S. Cerwin-Vega’s goal is to reproduce and even improve the live musical experience. A design philosophy emphasizing high efficiency, high power handling capability, and durability has resulted in a tradition of excellence for nearly 50 years.

The V-35X is a 3-way system with a sensitivity rating of 105 dB (1 watt/1 meter)! Unlike many of its competitors, Cerwin-Vega engineers and manufactures its own transducers. The new L-189X 18" woofer has a low mass cone and is loaded by a directional baffle for increased efficiency. Moreover, company founder and Vital Force, Gene Czerwinski, has reversed all conventional discussion regarding cabinet porting. Cerwin-Vega’s innovative distributed venting system makes the woofer see an acoustic load larger than a single oversize port, resulting in +3 to +6 dB increase in bass response. The V-35X can be biamped via jumpers inside the crossover plate. For large disco applications, when used without a separate subwoofer, we recommend biamping the V-35X and driving its 18" woofer with 600 watts and an EQ boost from 30 to 60 Hz.

For reproduction of mid-high frequencies (MHF), the large format, 2" exit, low compression midrange driver provides high power handling, low distortion, and a very low (3:1) compression ratio. The oversize throat exit reduces air-related distortion products such as amplitude and frequency modulation as well as intermodulation distortion (IM), which are commonly the principal reason for gross horn/driver coloration found in conventional small format high compresssion driver systems.

Superior light weight diaphragm materials coupled with an extremely high flux density keeps the efficiency up to 105 dB (1w/1m) without "horn-like" coloration, particularly at high SPL levels. Cerwin-Vega’s superb 2" exit MHF driver exhibits reduced coloration, true to every nuance of the original instruments while maintaining high efficiency.

For very high frequencies, the 1" exit compression driver exhibits minimal power compression and less distortion. The risk of IM distortion resulting from interaction between the high and low frequency signals is eliminated by the placement of the multiple port openings at a safe distance from the high frequency horn.

A stainless steel bar handle and wheels make the V-35X extremely portable. Mobile DJs will also appreciate the fact that the V-35X provides plenty of bass without requiring a separate subwoofer. Cerwin-Vega’s dedication to product excellence routinely includes refinements in design, materials, and workmanship. This ongoing process may result in products which differ from those represented in our descriptive literature due to improvements in design, per formance, or both.



Frequency Response: 32 Hz - 18 kHz

Power Handling Program: 600 watts Peak: 1200 watts

Impedance 4 ohms

Sensitivity: (1watt/1meter) 105 dB

Nominal Dispersion: (H x V) 100 x 50 above 1.2 kHz

Components Low Frequency: L-189X 18" woofer with 3" voice coil. Cast aluminum frame.

Mid-High Frequency: M-1305 2" low compression driver with ferrofluid cooling and proprietary flare horn.

High Frequency: High efficiency 1" drive with ferrofluid cooling.

Crossover: 1.2 kHz, and 6.5 kHz, passive 3-way, biampable

Connections: (2) Neutrik Speakon™ 4-pin connector with selector switch. (2)1/4" phone jacks. HF pad. Connector plate easily converted for biamping.

Enclosure: Compact wood cabinet available in durable grey carpet. Proprietary rear-loaded horn port cabinet design. Proprietary multiple distribution venting design.

Features: Compact. Stainless steel bar handle. Steel grille. Metal corners. Rubber feet. Wheels.

Protection: Mid-High Frequency: Independent overload protection. High Frequency: Independent overload protection.

Dimensions:(H x W x D) Inches: 41.5 x 24.25 x 21.75 cm: 105.4 x 61.6 x 55.25

Weight:(unpacked) 110 lb / 50 kg