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DFX Speakers have a way of making their way into the heart of any serious working DJ, audio professional and club owner who simply must have the best modern attempt at Old-World hand craftmanship. But DFX speakers have a lot more going for them than that, including unique woofers, sub woofers, tweeters and high-end enclosures. Throw in an audiphile's ear for mind-blowing sound and powerful, floor-thumping highs and lows and you've got those combinations that can't be beat by most other speaker system designers and manufacturers. With features like titanium drivers, polycarbonate enclosures, array reflex positioning, tightly molded speaker stand openings and adapters, Passive and Active crossover networks, high-quality enclosure sound absorption, diffraction minimization, incredible lows, mids and highs and superb diaphragm modulation, DFX speakers will take you into the next level of audio perfection. And, oh yeah... the price is always right. What are you waiting for? Pick up a pair of DFX speakers today!
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