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Dj equipment repair in los angeles ca 213-785-2217

We repair all your dj gear, lighting and sound systems. Our experienced technicians are ready to diagnose your equipment, we repair most damages.

We specialized in DJ turntables, Speakers, CDJ's, DJ Cases, DJ Controllers and Lighting from top brands such as Pioneer DJ, Chauvet DJ, JBL, Mackie, Electro Voice and much more, Call us now or just bring your dj gear to our store in downtown Los Angeles.

Same day diagnose available and same day dj equipment repairs call us now and save money

We also repair Guitars and Guitar accessories

Looking to customize or upgrade your dj gear?

DJ Equipment and guitars are expensive, Do not risk it by doing it yourself. Bring your gear with our technicians for any customization and upgrades.

Speaker Repair

We repair powered and passive speakers, subwoofers, monitors and array systems.

Dj Controller Repair

Bring your damaged dj controller to get it repair or install new upgrades.

Lighting Repair

We repair professional lighting and dj lighting from par cans up to moving heads.

Mixer Repair

We repair your damaged dj rane / pioneer mixers and 32 channel stage mixers.

Turntable Repair

Bring your turntables to get it repair at a low cost, from technics to pioneer's.

Guitar Repair

Missing or broken string? no problem bring it we will fix it for you.