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EAW AX366 Black 12" 3-way Speaker

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EAW AX366 Black 12" 3-way Speaker
EAW 12" 3-way Speaker Model AX366 Black - 12" 3-way Speaker. EAW Model AX366 Black Now available at Hollywood DJ.

EAW 12" 3-way Speaker Model AX366 Black

EAW Model AX366 Black at Hollywood DJ

The Model AX366 Black by EAW

The AX366 has a horn pattern of 60 x 60. All AX enclosures, including the companion AX122 subwoofer, have an identically sized, dual trapezoidal shape. The MF/HF transducer loads into a large, common horn via a modified version of the EAW's patented Radial Phase Plug. A unique HF waveguide is integrated within the center of the phase plug. It is acoustically transparent to the MF energy while being acoustically opaque to and acting as a waveguide for the HF energy.

AX366 Black Features:

  • 3-way full range
  • 2 x 12 in woofers, Phase Aligned
  • 1 x 8 in cone, horn-loaded
  • 1 x 1.4 in compression driver, horn-loaded
  • Installation

Model AX366 Black Specifications:

  • Product Group: I
  • Operating Mode: Passive or bi-amp
  • Operating Range: 68 Hz to 20 kHz
  • Beamwidth: 60 (h) x 60 (v)
  • Power Handling/Output: PASSIVE: 800W (8 ohms) - 131dB SPL (long term); BI-AMPED: (LF) 1000W (8 ohms) - 133dB SPL; (MF/HF) 300W (8 ohms) - 128dB SPL
  • Connections: Barrier strip input (passive & bi-amp)
  • Rigging/Mounting: Threaded mounting points
  • Dimensions/Weight: 36" (h) x 24" (w) x 20" (d); 124 lbs