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DJ Equipment - Kustom KPM8420

Kustom KPM8420

Kustom KPM 8420

* Dual 200-Watt Assignable Amplifiers (Mains and Monitors)
* 8 Channels with Discrete Microphone Preamps; Individual Monitor sends on each channel
* 8 Balanced XLR Inputs
* 8 Line Inputs; 2 With Instrument-Ready Preamps.
* 2 Fully Independent 24-Bit Digital Effects Modules/ 8 Effects Each with footswitchable bypass.
* Dual 7-Band Graphic Equalizers
* Channel EQ: Individual Treble, Middle & Bass
* Switchable mute function (fooswitch/front panel) for shutting off input channels when you go to standby without having to change settings.
* CD/Tape Inputs and outputs(RCA jacks) with seperate volume controls.
* +40 Volt Phantom Power


* Amplifiers: Dual 200-Watts Assignable (Mains and Monitors)
* Channels: 8 Channels w/ discrete microphone preamps
* Pad per Channel: -20db
* XLR Inputs: 8 Balanced
* Line Inputs: 8 Line Inputs, 2 w/instrument ready preamps
* Effects: 2 fully independent 24-bit digital effects modules/ 8 effects each
* EQ: Dual 7-Band Graphic
* Channel EQ: Treble, Middle, Bass
* Phantom Power: 12 Volt