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Speakers - B-52 LX-18

B-52 LX-18
Discontinued DJ Equipment

The LX-18 takes traditional folded horn subwoofers to the next level. The cabinet is built to withstand the abuse of the road and is backed by a LIFETIME construction warranty. A newly designed internal compression chamber provides intense, clean and controlled bass. At the heart of the LX-18 is the new B-52 18-200L subwoofer with a cast-aluminum frame, a massive 200oz magnet and an innovative 4” dual-layer tempered aluminum voice coil.

An aluminum front panel heat sink dissipates heat in the subwoofer compression chamber. This provides greater power handling, more overall output and cooler long-term operation.

The LX-18 is finished in a rugged, impact-resistant black carpet. Void-free, 7-layer, 3/4” plywood construction for maximum durability and minimum weight. Input connections: (2) 1/4” metal phone jacks; (1) Neutrik NL 4 Speakon Connector. Reinforced internal bracings are used to fortify the LX-18.

The B-52 18” subwoofer’s acoustic load is controlled by a specially designed horn and compression chamber that minimizes the excursion of the driver while maximizing the system's output. The optimally-sized acoustic aperture of the compression chamber forms the throat of the horn and helps to force air through the horn at an increased velocity and pressure. The compression chamber optimizes the horn's output and the acoustic impedance seen by the B-52 18-200L transducer. It is this acoustic impedance transforming “phase-plug” design that enables the LX-Series subwoofers to achieve amazing and unprecedented output levels.

The B-52 18-200L 18” subwoofer
features a cast-aluminum frame, 200 oz vented magnet structure, bumped back-plate for greater excursion and 4” dual-layered tempered aluminum voice coil former. The voice coil is wound with four layers of 26-gauge copper wire, optimally sized for this motor.

A rock-solid tilt-back metal bar handle for increased mobility. LX-Series subwoofers include 4” heavy-duty casters, providing ease of mobility and increased cabinet longevity.