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DJ Software - NI Traktor Scratch Pro (DISCONTINUED)

Native Instruments Model Traktor Scratch Pro - Digital Heart , Vinyl Soul. Native Instruments Model Traktor Scratch Pro Now available at Hollywood DJ. Traktor Scratch Pro is the premium digital vinyl system.

Traktor Scratch Pro

Traktor Scratch Pro at Hollywood DJ

Traktor Scratch Pro by Native Instruments

Traktor Scratch Pro is the premium system for pro DJs who want to spin digital tracks on vinyl and CD. Including a full version of the leading Traktor Scratch Pro software, with access to all its features, Mative instruments has set the gold-standard in pro digital vinyl systems. Incredible and precise, the control vinyl and CDs give you ultimate opportunities to mix your set between your own Records, CDs and Computer Audio Files. The high-end AUDIO 8 DJ interface, ingenious Multicore cabling as well as the last word in creative and intuitive software, Traktor Scratch Pro is the definitive fusion of analog and digital DJing.

The standard for power, reliability and creative DJing, Traktor Pro is the culmination of a decade of DJ software development. Designed to meet the needs of professional DJs, Traktor Pro incorporates streamlined industry-standard workflows, 21 new effects, flexible MIDI mapping of all major controllers, premium sound quality and up to four playback decks.


  • Control up to 4 decks using turntables, CD decks or the internal software, utilizing the full feature set of the leading DJ solution TRAKTOR PRO
  • High-end 24 bit/96kHz low-latency audio interface with Cirrus Logic AD/DA converters, MIDI I/O, USB 2.0 bus powered
  • 2 professional patent-pending Multicore cables connect your entire system through single XLR jacks for easy plug & play
  • 8 hi-gain outputs, 8 inputs, 2 optional phono preamps with high impedance input mode, mic input, 20 individual status LEDs for full visual control
  • 2 control records & 2 CDs with high-resolution 2kHz signal for ultra-precise track control
  • Redesigned, stylish new interface with scalable fonts, intuitive grouping, condensed workflow and high visibility in club environments
  • 21 professional effects - tempo sync to any deck or route an external source through the industry-leading effects section
  • Fully modular DJ software featuring internal high-end mixer, automatic beat-gridding of tracks, advanced beat detection and Sync Lock for perfect mixing
  • Real-time track management with incremental search, Crate Flick artwork browsing, iPod™ and iTunes compatibility
  • Supports multiple MIDI controllers and advanced MIDI assignments, as well as the sync'ing of external gear through MIDI clock functionality.
  • Traktor Scratch Pro Specifications


  • MP3, WAV, AIFF, Audio-CD, FLAC, Ogg Vorbis, non-DRM WMA**, non-DRM AAC

  • ** WMA playback supported only on Windows


  • Windows® XP (SP2, 32 Bit)/Vista (SP1, 32 Bit, 64 Bit), Pentium IV or Athlon 1.4 GHz (SSE1), 1 GB RAM
  • Mac OS® X 10.4, Intel® Core™ Duo 1.66 GHz, 1 GB RAM


  • ASIO™, Core Audio™, DirectSound, WASAPI™
  • Native Instruments 1 YEAR WARRANTY
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