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RFX-2000 - MIDI Studio Processor


Discontinued DJ Equipment

48 unique time-based and modulation effects dedicated to recording arranged in 6 banks of 8 effects each.
Reverb Bank includes Hall; Room; Plate; Vocal; Ambience; Percussion; Ensemble; Power (adds power and energy to sound sources). You get up to 121 variations of Reverb effects.
Delay Bank includes Stereo Delay; Mono Delay; (Auto) Pan Delay; Rhythmic Delay (can be set in BPM or notes); Chorus+Delay; Delay+Flanger; Delay+Reverb (serial arrangement); Delay/Reverb (parallel arrangement)
Effects Bank includes: Pitch; Chorus; Flanger; Phaser; Trem-Pan (tremolo to auto-panning); Chorus+Reverb; Flanger+Reverb and Flanger/Reverb.
Special Effects Bank consists of: Vocoder; Ring Modulator; Time Trip; Pitch-Delay; Rotary; Dimension; Gate Reverb; Reverse Reverb.
Re-Mix Bank: Lo-Fi Effects; Isolator; Comb Filter; Step Cry; Resonance; LPF; BPF; HPF.
Mixdown Bank: Final Mix (4-band EQ and 3-band processor); Power Mix (emphasizes lower frequencies for more punch); Wide Mix; Boost Mix; Vocal Mix; Comp-Limiter; Mic Simulator; Cabinet Simulator.
Fully professional specs such as 44.1 kHz sampling frequency; 20 bit, 64 times oversampling (A/D converter) and 20 bit, 128 times oversampling (D/A converter).
100 patch user memories
Mastering and mixdown effects to improve the sound vocals, instruments, drums and final tracks
Built-mic simulator makes dynamic mics sound like condensers
Supplied editing software for PCs and Macs
Built-in tap input to enter time-based parameters directly MIDI-based control of patch switching, parameter control and storing patch data Digital S/PDIF optical output Front panel mic input jack