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In any field of technology there are the classic manufacturers and the upstart tinkerers. Vestax is the one of the latter troublemakers the big boys grumble about. Standing on the shoulders of giants, Vestax mixers incorporate traditional features with new age intuition that give working DJs, audio engineers and studio professionals a new way of shaping signature sound. And the audience is buying it. With features like reverse "hamster" switching, removable flat panels for speed fading without hindrance, Photo Coupler crossfader operation for superior curve adjustment, rotary style dials, 4-band isolators, 3-band booth EQ and custom-made volume pots, House DJs, Techno DJs, Club Owners, Audio Installers, Studios Techs, and Broadcast Pros all turn to Vestax mixers for a unique combination of Old Skool audio and New Age advancements in technology. Find out for yourself why every tongue is wagging and all ears are humming over Vestax mixers. The future has arrived.
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