Chauvet DJ EZpar 56 Battery-Operated RGB LED Wash Light w/Automated & Sound Active Programs and Infared Remote Control

Chauvet DJ EZpar 56 Battery-Operated RGB LED Wash Light w/Automated & Sound Active Programs and Infared Remote Control

Gator Cases G-MINI BONE

Gator Cases G-MINI BONE

482i Sonic Maximizer

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BBE 482I Unbalanced Sonic Maximizer

The 482i is perfect for semi-pro applications not requiring balanced jacks. With true dual-mono operation, the 482i is two independent BBE SONIC MAXIMIZER™ signal processors in one chassis.


• Pro and semi-pro sound reinforcement
• Multitrack studios
• Mobile DJ systems
• Cassette copies
• Nightclub sound systems
• Instrument racks for guitar, bass and keyboards

• 2 channels of process for stereo or separate mono mixes
• 5 segment LED output meters
• +18dBu headroom
• RCA and1/4" inputs and outputs
• Hardwire bypass
• Bypass switch for comparison of processed to unprocessed signal

• Frequency Response,
• Process Mode: Program controlled
• Bypass Mode: 10Hz to 50kHz, +/- 0.5dBu, 10dBu input
• Signal to Noise Ratio: 112dB Process IN
• THD, Process mode: less than 0.025% at 20-20kHz
• Bypass mode: less than 0.002% at 20-20kHz
• Maximum Output: +18dBu (may vary due to control settings)
• Input Impedance: 47K Ohms, unbalanced 1/4" phone jack or RCA jack.
• Output Impedance: 1K Ohms, unbalanced 1/4" phone jack or RCA jack.
• Sensitivity: -45dBu for maximum process
• Maximum Process: +12dBu boost at 5kHz, -10dBu input
• Lo Contour: +12dBu adjustment at 50Hz, -10dBu input

Have you ever wondered why music sounds better live? The wizards at the BBE company have pondered over that and have sunk gazillions into research to get an answer to that Zen-like question. Amazing as it is, they've unlocked the secret, and now we can all reap the benefits. What those engineers discovered (and we're going to very roughly paraphrase this deep technical explanation) is that depending on the environment in which we are listening, we hear different frequencies at different times, because the sound is radiating in all directions and our brain processes these frequencies individually. Whereas, when the same music is pumped through any loudspeaker, the sounds are all coming from one place at the same time, losing that difference that allows us to perceive clarity in sound. A saxophone (or singer, or guitar, or whatever) sends sound in 360 degrees; a loudspeaker has a 12 in. (or other) window to shoot the sound out. There are other characteristics of loudspeakers that rob music of clarity as well, including the relationship of transient response in regard to phase response, but that's getting into that deep technical category. In plain terms, these guys figured out the problem, and built a box to fix it.

BBE learned which frequencies are delayed by what factor, and how to properly send this revised information through a loudspeaker. Any signal sent through a BBE processor sounds clearer, cleaner, and better. A vocal signal processed through BBE jumps out of a mix, and any acoustic instrument regains that vibrant quality that is lost in the recording process. Sending an entire mix through the thing sharpens it up in ways that defy description. "It adds sparkle" and "it makes a mix sound like a CD" are two of the most often-heard descriptions of what this miracle box does.

Who needs this box? Recording studios of any size, for starters. If there's somebody singing or speaking, you'll wonder how you survived without it. If you record any acoustic instruments as well, stop reading this and order one now. In this age of CDs, cassettes are starting to show their limits. When you put this box between your master source, and your cassette deck, it gives the venerable little cassette a sonic fighting chance. If you are a mobile or nightclub DJ, this unit will kick everything up a notch. Sound reinforcement companies, large and small, it's a no brainer how you can use it. Finally, if you have a rack as part of your rig, whether you're a keyboard, guitar, or bass player, you need this as the final stage before your signal goes out.

With the 482i model, you can get stellar sound for a very down-to-earth price. The 482i is perfect for semi-pro applications not requiring balanced jacks. (If you need balanced inputs, check out the 882.) Since it has true dual-mono operation, the 482 is 2 independent Sonic Maximizer signal processors in one chassis. Use it on a stereo signal or process 2 mono channels separately with separate controls. Rack this baby up and use it to liven up the sound of just about anything: live bands, home studios, mobile DJ systems, nightclub sound systems, individual instruments like bass, guitar, or keyboards — even your home stereo will sound like it cost twice as much through the 482i! The unit is really easy to use — basically, just hook it up and set the enhancement to your taste. Presto! — your stuff sounds completely amazing! It's really not fair to the ones who don't have the Sonic Maximizer, but somehow we think you'll live through the guilt.

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