Art SP4X4 Metered Power Distribution System

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  • Input Voltage VU meter.
  • 2 front pull-out shock-mounted light pipes.
  • Eight rear outlets.
  • 4 x 4 power distribution system.
  • 1800 watts capacity.

The Art SP4X4 is a Metered Power Distribution System that gives the user a familiar analog style readout when monitoring voltage from a power source.The SP 4×4 also features ART’s “4×4” distribution on the back of unit four of the eight rear outputs are 1.25 inches apart.

This allows the user to plug in wide power cables and multiple wall wart devices, and still have eight total power outlets to choose from. Built into the SP 4×4 is a surge and spike protection system, designed to protect powered equipment from harmful electric surges and spikes.

Product Specifications:

Circuit Breaker: 15 Amp; Front Location

Construction: All-Steel Chassis

Filtering: EMI & RFI

Light Pipes: 2 Front Pull-Out, Shock Mounted

Power Capacity: 1800 W

Power Outlets: Eight Rear Outlets

Power Switch: Front Location – On/Off

Protection Circuit: Surge & Spike Protection

Voltage Metering: Linear Metered

Dimensions: 1U Rack Mountable

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