Behringer 110 VCO/VCF/VCA, Legendary Analog VCO/VCF/VCA Module For Eurorack

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  • Amazing VCO/VCF/VCA module from the '80s.
  • An authentic reproduction of original "System 100M" circuitry.
  • Complete synth voice with the internal patched signal flow for ease of use.
  • VCO features 3 selectable waveforms (triangle, ramp, and square with PWM).
  • VCO offers pitch control over a wide range plus 1 audio output and 2 CV inputs.
  • VCF features cutoff, frequency, and resonance controls plus 2 audio inputs and 2 CV inputs.
  • Oscillator PWM with manual and external CV control.
  • VCA features to gain control plus 2 audio inputs, 2 audio outputs (low/high), and 2 CV inputs.
  • 17 controls and switches give you real-time access to all important parameters.


The Behringer System 100 110 VCO/VCF/VCA Module. An authentic reproduction of the original System 100M circuitry from the 80s that can fit in a standard Eurorack case. The best part It is at a very affordable price. Mix the 110 in with your existing rig or start your modular synth journey from here. Either way, you’re sure to have a lot of fun!

Controlling The Oscillator

The 110 comes with a complete synth voice with an internally patched signal flow for ease of use and to save patching time so you can focus on your music. You can vary the VCO section by selecting one of three waveforms; triangle, ramp, and Pulse Width Modulation which can be adjusted by the Mod Manual knob. The VCO also offers pitch and range control knobs as well as one audio output, which can be routed to another source, and two CV inputs.


The VCF features cutoff frequency and resonance sliders while the VCA comes with two audio outputs (low/high). Both the VCF and VCA each feature two audio inputs and two CV inputs that allow for other sources to be plugged into the 110, making it a must-have in any modular synth.

Eurorack Ready

Installing the 110 VCO/VCF/VCA is simple as it was designed to fit into a standard Eurorack case. Just connect the power cables to the power supply and mount the module using the included screws. This allows for the 110 VCO/VCF/VCA to be mixed with other synth modules for a truly unique set up.

Whether you’re just getting into modular synths or looking to complete your collection, the 110 VCO/VCF/VCA module from Behringer is a great tool to have when creating amazing music.

Product Specifications:

Power Supply: Eurorack

Current Draw: 80 mA (+12 V), 50 mA (-12 V)

Dimensions: 81 x 129 x 46 mm (3.2 x 5.1 x 1.8")

Rack Units: 16 HP

Weight: 0.19 kg (0.42 lbs)

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UPC 4033653031783
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