1. Best 6 DJ Headphones Under $200

    What headphones do DJs use? 

    Any good sound requires careful planning. For DJs, listening, iterating, and redefining their music at every step is crucial. Picking up the subtle nuances of music is something that our ears alone cannot do for us. Relying on the best DJ headphones to get the job done is perhaps what every music maker needs to think about more. Whether you are a hard-core music fan or a professional musician, there’s a lot to consider when it comes to finding the right pair. So let us make your lives easier!

    Looking for a reliable upgrade for your endeavor but within budget? or finding yourself your first set of DJ headphones but simultaneously seeking r

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  2. Top 10 Best DJ Headphones in 2021 to help you smash that set

    Why the Best DJ Headphones are the first and foremost step to becoming a good DJ?

    Are you looking to become a DJ yourself or are you looking to hone your already fierce DJ skills? The most vital accessory you require to pursue your passions in a smooth manner is a pair of the best DJ headphones. A good set of headphones go a long way. You should never compromise on the quality and integrity of your headphones if you aspire to become a great DJ one day.

    Your headphones will be in use 100% of the time while you polish your DJ skills and so they should be ready at all times to perform at the best of their capabilities even if they’ve been in use for long hours. It can be a struggle to find the perfect pair of headphones and the internet can be a little daunting with the infinite number of possibilities when it comes to that. With such a variety of d

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