1. Top 10 Best DJ Lighting Products for 2021

    What’s a party without some pomp and show? Whether it is a small private club or a wedding party, you gotta have killer lighting. You'll bring the perfect music, make sure you bring the best DJ lights that match the occasion and your style. 

    For quite some time, DJ-ing has become an important element, having the right lighting brings them to the next level. Clubs and Promoters these days expect at least a basic light show when performing as well as the customers.  So much these days it's more about the overall show. This can include costume, props, lighting effects, and the songs you play in. Believe me, when I say, you’re going to rule the hearts of people if you get this right. Having the best DJ lighting setup for your shows can give you a serious advantage over other DJs.

    This art

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  2. Largest DJ Lighting Showroom in the United States

    We recently converted a huge portion of our warehouse to killer DJ Light display! It is the largest dedicated DJ lighting display in the United States! We feature Chauvet DJ lighting products including moving head lights, dj lasers, strobe lights, spotlights and more! Read more about our awesome new lighting showroom...

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  3. Add a Chauvet Scorpion DJ laser light effect to your show for $169!

    Up your lighting game with aerial laser light effects that until now only the big production companies could provide! There are 3 different models from Chauvet that are hot right now. Get the rundown in the brief article on which Scorpion DJ Laser Light is right for you...Shop our entire collection of DJ Laser Lights here.

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  4. Wedding DJ Lighting Guide: Impress Your Clients - How to Charge More

    Here are the basics of what you'll need to put together a professional wedding DJ Lightshow. Upping your game means you can charge more. Weddings need to be perfect...and the right customers will pay top dollar for it gladly! One of the biggest things you'll want to have is a custom gobo with the name of the family or bride and groom (their preference of course). Also, make sure to use Scrims to up your game and cover up your speaker and lighting stands...You can get more money out of your wedding gigs with these tips...

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