All the FL studio compatible keyboards you have needed all along!

The use of a standard QWERTY keyboard might not be the best FL studio keyboard to meet your mixing, mastering, and music editing needs. Basic setups might actually be doing more harm than good, making your creative undertakings on software like FL, both tedious and time-consuming. Splurging on any one of the 7 best MIDI keyboards for FL studios we have listed will only benefit music professionals and newbies alike. Speed up your creative endeavors while also enhancing the quality of your sounds, with any of our top picks. Any one of these devices is an investment as well as an ode to your commitment to the musical field. Good luck! 

Akai Professional MPK Mini MKII

With the Akai Pro MPK, it’s all in the name. This model promises to fulfill professional expectations at a beginner price point. This makes it a unique product for both experts and amateurs. However, there are definitely more p

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