1. Top 5 DJ Speakers under $500 in 2021

    Whether you happen to be a seasoned DJ that has played many sets at clubs, or you’re a beginner DJ – one thing that remains true for either type of DJs, is that you could have the best quality equipment, with the smoothest running software, and a perfect line-up of sets to play, yet still miss the mark with your performance. and why might that be, you ask?

    Well, unless you have the best DJ speakers in your DJ equipment kit, you can’t expect the sound of your music to travel through, to the farthest end of the venue you’re playing at.

    When it comes to performing as a DJ, the DJ gear you choose to put into your equipment kit can essentially make or break the quality of your performance. As a DJ, you want your audience to experience the exact sound that you’re playing for them, but without a suitable DJ speaker system, y

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  2. 6 Best DJ Speakers for House Parties

    Popular opinion would suggest that house parties are the perfect way to unwind after a hectic week at work. Whether you’re hosting one or DJing one, having the best gear to make it a raging success is paramount. To set the right tone it only makes sense to use the right kind of music. With great volume comes great responsibility and the last thing you need is distorted sound. And what better way to do your pop songs justice than with some of the best DJ speakers for house parties? If you pick any of our popular choices for your next rager, rest assured your guests will not be disappointed. However, some neighbors may not love your choice of speaker, and in our opinion, that means you threw the best kind of party! Without further ado, let’s introduce the best DJ speaker systems you need ASAP. 

    Let’s get this party started!


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  3. Top 10 Best DJ Speakers every DJ must know

    Top 10 Best DJ Speakers 2021 - Hollywood DJ

    Why investing in the best DJ Speakers is the smartest move for you as a DJ! 

    You might be a DJ by hobby looking to impress your friends with your sick beats or you might even have adopted it as a profession and plan to make an earnest living off of it by playing your gigs at venues. In any scenario, it is vital for you to have the best DJ speakers to flourish in the industry. Your speakers will give you the ability and power to be appreciated and heard by the crowd for what you truly produced from the heart using your commendable skills. This is why though what speakers you house in your DJ equipment may seem like no big

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  4. Beginner's Guide to DJ Setups

    Just getting started? This article covers lots of the basics. Learn which dj gear makes sense for you, your style and budget. Modern DJs have two main options when it comes to getting set up for practice, recording, and playing out. They can either go fully digital, using a laptop computer and DJ software, or they can keep it traditional and use vinyl records. Traditional DJs will need to purchase more equipment up-front, but...

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  5. Mackie Launches Top-of-the-Line SRM V-Class Professional Loudspeakers

    Mackie's SRM Series single-handedly defined the powered monitors category. Now Mackie has completely reimagined and redesigned it. The new top-of-the-line SRM V-Class series high-performance powered loudspeakers deliver an impressive combination of powerful sound pressure level, outstanding sound quality, advanced DSP technology, and rock-solid reliability, including an all-wood enclosure with Mackie's famed "Built Like a Tank" construction. Designed for a variety of professional sound-reinforcement applications, the series consists of three models: the SRM210 V-ClassSRM212 V-Class, and SRM215 V-Class, with 10-, 12-, and 15-inch low-frequency transducers, respectively.

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  6. Mackie DRM Speaker Review

    DRM12A Mackie Array Speaker
    Travis here from Hollywood DJ and yes I was at NAMM 2019 and got to hear these killer speakers in person. I’m an audio engineer and I work at Hollywood DJ so… got to attend the private screening of these new speakers!---------They cranked up the system to max and it was loud, clear and simply impressive. The pressure level in the large room was freaking crazy but it wasn’t distorting. I don’t know how Mackie did it, it just sounded great. I’m a bit of an audio snob having been a studio and live sound engineer for years and these speakers seriously impressed me...

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