1. What Equipment Do You Need to DJ?

    What equipment do you need to be a DJ and put on a show? Besides a lot of practice and skill development, there are some essential pieces of gear every DJ needs. Here is a starter list of the basic equipment to become a DJ. 

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  2. Mackie DRM Speaker Review

    DRM12A Mackie Array Speaker
    Travis here from Hollywood DJ and yes I was at NAMM 2019 and got to hear these killer speakers in person. I’m an audio engineer and I work at Hollywood DJ so… got to attend the private screening of these new speakers!---------They cranked up the system to max and it was loud, clear and simply impressive. The pressure level in the large room was freaking crazy but it wasn’t distorting. I don’t know how Mackie did it, it just sounded great. I’m a bit of an audio snob having been a studio and live sound engineer for years and these speakers seriously impressed me...

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  3. Best DJ Speakers of 2019

    Learn about the top DJ speakers of 2019 and how to select the right speakers for your DJ setup or venue. Buying the best DJ speaker system can be a little tricky. You’ll need to navigate through some confusing specs and wade through many brands offering speakers at a wide variety of price ranges...

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