difference between the DDJ 1000 SRT and DDJ 1000 Controller

  • The performance pads have different features, you can't trigger internal Serato FX on the DDJ-1000 SRT.
  • The job wheel display presents Serato instead of Rekordbox Style
  • There is a cosmetic addition of silver trim on the DDJ 1000 SRT

The big difference is the software. But there are some other differences between the DDJ-1000 and DDJ-1000SRT.

The controllers are virtually the same except the software presents differently on the Job Wheel since they have different features and ways they work. There is no sexy waveform on the SRT like there is on the original Rekordbox version. You might miss this a little especially if you're using it stand along. By the way you can still use the DDJ 1000 Serato as a stand along DJ Controller. The look is cleaner on the SRT.

The DDJ 1000's are the club standard for pro DJ's, they have the popular common layout and format modern DJ's are using in all the large clubs. Both of these units have the Magvel Fader which is killer for scratching. 

Here is a video comparing the DDJ 1000 and the new DDJ 1000 SRT from our friends at DJkit.com in England. If you're ever in England check them out!

DDJ 1000 Serato DJ Controller from Pioneer DJ

Pioneer DJ 1000 Difference between DDJ 1000 SRT Serato