1. What Equipment do you need to DJ 2021 [Updated] | Beginner DJ

    What equipment do you need to be a DJ and put on a show? Besides a lot of practice and skill development, there are some essential pieces of gear every DJ needs. Here is a starter list of the basic equipment to become a DJ. 

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  2. Complete Beginner’s Guide to Guitar Effects Pedals

    A complete beginner’s guide to guitar effects pedals

    The right one can enhance the quality of your music!

    Why get a guitar pedal?

    Guitar pedals are placed between your guitar and amp. It processes the signals from your guitar to the amp to enhance or distort the sound. The quality of sound produced by a guitar can greatly be enhanced by this device and help you achieve the professional quality music you wish to create. This small device helps elevate sound to a whole different level and works great to make even your starting performances impactful and a big success!

    Here’s a little something to help you get started!

    Guitar pedals are an essential tool to help amp up your guitar skills and improve the overall sound, effect, and experience. In order to create great quality sound and produce som

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  3. Top 6 DJ Controllers under $600 in 2021

    Everyone needs the best arsenal to win a battle. With DJ-ing being a demanding job itself, foolproof gear is absolutely essential. While other accessories matter too, the best DJ controllers can alone set the tone of success for you as a DJ or your event as a DJ venture.

    Now, money can’t buy happiness. It can however buy you DJ gear that’s incredible in value. It’s true but we beg to differ sometimes. For DJ equipment to be great, price is not a determinant. We have exemplary Dj controllers under $600 that support our claims.

    Read on for our take on the best DJ controllers and their place in the bigger picture of DJ-ing.

    Just like any endeavor, DJ-ing too requires making informed decisions about the equipment needed to excel in the industry. It’s obvious

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  4. Top 5 DJ Speakers under $500 in 2021

    Whether you happen to be a seasoned DJ that has played many sets at clubs, or you’re a beginner DJ – one thing that remains true for either type of DJs, is that you could have the best quality equipment, with the smoothest running software, and a perfect line-up of sets to play, yet still miss the mark with your performance. and why might that be, you ask?

    Well, unless you have the best DJ speakers in your DJ equipment kit, you can’t expect the sound of your music to travel through, to the farthest end of the venue you’re playing at.

    When it comes to performing as a DJ, the DJ gear you choose to put into your equipment kit can essentially make or break the quality of your performance. As a DJ, you want your audience to experience the exact sound that you’re playing for them, but without a suitable DJ speaker system, y

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  5. What are the Best DJ Equipment Brands of 2021?

    Our top 10 to enhance your DJing experience

    Whether you’re new to DJing, looking for some solid equipment, or just looking for an upgrade, here are all the best DJ equipment brands to consider. With the advent of electronic advancements, there were only one or two alphas in the industry. Pioneer was perhaps the only brand considered the best DJ system. There are now many more competing for a spot in the best DJ equipment brands worth investing in. We have compiled a countdown for the top 10 best DJ equipment brands of 2021.

    Some generic specs to help increase the utility o

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  6. What is The Difference Between a DJ Controller and Mixer?

    We get asked every day: Are There Any Differences Between DJ Controllers and Mixers?

    We answer keeping all endeavors in mind. 

    We say DJ Controllers vs Mixers aren’t the same. Don’t let them tell you any different. However yes, they do have somewhat collaborating work to do for you. 

    DJ controllers are all those fancy turntables, buttons, equalizing keys, joysticks kind of controls, and CDs if need be. In short, it’s the one package DJs can survive on whereas DJ mixers can be referred to as the new add-ons that make the Dj's job all the easier and undoubtedly better than traditional DJing methods. They can be called the ultimate dedicated mixing suite. What does that mean?

    It means that mixers will only be taking inputs from record decks, CDJs or an external sound card attached to a laptop that runs the software to help with

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  7. Top 9 Best DJ Accessories Must Haves of 2021

    Best DJ Accessories of 2021 – Top Rated Picks

    The world of event management has immensely diversified over the past decade. This has influenced DJing to progress rapidly as well. And with the kind of pace the market dynamics have maintained, the only way to survive, sustain, and thrive is to cope with the ever-changing industry. We have seen simple events that were all-vinyl and turntable setups only but now, expectations are higher and much larger, more flexible, and more powerful digital setups with supporting gear to put on a foolproof show is the demand.

    Regardless of what side of the fence you’re on – old school or new and upgraded all demanding school – evolution is pivotal to your success and for that exploring products from manufacturers and brands going head-to-head to bring out the very best DJ accessories on the market is important.

    Here is our take on the must-haves of this year and a quick tour of the products we love

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  8. 6 Best DJ Speakers for House Parties

    Popular opinion would suggest that house parties are the perfect way to unwind after a hectic week at work. Whether you’re hosting one or DJing one, having the best gear to make it a raging success is paramount. To set the right tone it only makes sense to use the right kind of music. With great volume comes great responsibility and the last thing you need is distorted sound. And what better way to do your pop songs justice than with some of the best DJ speakers for house parties? If you pick any of our popular choices for your next rager, rest assured your guests will not be disappointed. However, some neighbors may not love your choice of speaker, and in our opinion, that means you threw the best kind of party! Without further ado, let’s introduce the best DJ speaker systems you need ASAP. 

    Let’s get this party started!


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  9. Best 6 DJ Headphones Under $200

    What headphones do DJs use? 

    Any good sound requires careful planning. For DJs, listening, iterating, and redefining their music at every step is crucial. Picking up the subtle nuances of music is something that our ears alone cannot do for us. Relying on the best DJ headphones to get the job done is perhaps what every music maker needs to think about more. Whether you are a hard-core music fan or a professional musician, there’s a lot to consider when it comes to finding the right pair. So let us make your lives easier!

    Looking for a reliable upgrade for your endeavor but within budget? or finding yourself your first set of DJ headphones but simultaneously seeking r

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  10. The Best 7 MIDI Keyboards for FL Studio in 2021

    All the FL studio compatible keyboards you have needed all along!

    The use of a standard QWERTY keyboard might not be the best FL studio keyboard to meet your mixing, mastering, and music editing needs. Basic setups might actually be doing more harm than good, making your creative undertakings on software like FL, both tedious and time-consuming. Splurging on any one of the 7 best MIDI keyboards for FL studios we have listed will only benefit music professionals and newbies alike. Speed up your creative endeavors while also enhancing the quality of your sounds, with any of our top picks. Any one of these devices is an investment as well as an ode to your commitment to the musical field. Good luck! 

    Akai Professional MPK Mini MKII

    With the Akai Pro MPK, it’s all in the name. This model promises to fulfill professional expectations at a beginner price point. This makes it a unique product for both experts and amateurs. However, there are definitely more p

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