Direct Sound DJ Headphones, Black, Small (EX25 PLUS)

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  • Dynamic closed type headphones with closed back speakers
  • Environmentally responsible natural passive isolation - no batteries required
  • Universal padded, fully adjustable headband: Foldable for storage
  • User-friendly reparability
  • Red is Right E-Z channel identifier


The EX25 is, of course, a fully enclosed design, and it fits a little more tightly over the ears than a conventional phone. The padded expanding headband ensures a fairly comfortable fit, though, and to aid servicing, the cable splits to feed each phone separately rather than feeding one side and then routing through the headband.

The attenuation is quoted as 33.4dB at 8 kHz, or a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 25dB, but what does that really mean? No headphones can give you total isolation, as you also pick up sounds via bone conduction — just jam your fingers in your ears and see how much you can still hear to confirm that! To put these phones into perspective, the isolation you get is only marginally less than what you’d get by jamming your fingers tightly into your ears, so it’s actually pretty impressive.

The 32Ω drivers are 40mm in diameter and have a sensitivity of 107dB at 1 kHz — they certainly go louder than would be considered healthy and are able to handle input powers up to 0.5W, which is pretty massive when it’s all channeled into your ear! They are specified with a 20Hz to 20 kHz frequency response.

The phones weigh 9.5oz, including the cable, which is nine feet in length and terminates in a mini-jack. A quarter-inch screw adaptor is supplied, and all the plug contacts are gold plated.

Available in black or special edition white (pictured), the EX29 headphones are similar in concept to the EX25s other than that they are around 7dB more sensitive (specified at 114dB at 1kHz). They are, however, just a little larger and heavier, at 11.5oz, but are again specified with a full 20Hz to 20 kHz response. They offer slightly more isolation than the EX29 (36.7dB at 8 kHz, NRR 29dB), at the expense of a little extra weight. Direct Sound market the EX25s for comfort and the EX29s for the best isolation.

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BRAND Direct Sound
Manufacturer Part Number EX25 PLUS
UPC 811634000645
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