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We've got DJ Stands, DJ controller Stands, DJ Tables, DJ Laptop stands, and racks to make your next gig look amazing, professional, and organized! Free Shipping options on our DJ tables and DJ Stands over $99 in the Contiguous US!


Having a professional Laptop Stand for DJ use is essential for your rig. It keeps your laptop elevated above your other DJ controller and mixer so you can work but it's there when you need it. It helps keep everything exactly where you want it and improves your presentation for clients. Call anytime if you need help selecting the right stand for your DJ rig, we know DJ gear 800-700-4542.

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  1. B-Stock: Ultimate Support TS80B Original Series Aluminum Tripod Speaker Stand

    The Original Series speaker stands from Ultimate Support are extraordinarily strong yet...

  2. Open Box: Odyssey FZ1112WDLX 11U Top Slanted 12U Vertical Pro Combo Rack with Side Table and Casters

    Our ATA Combo Racks give you the best of both worlds. Mount mixers and controllers on...

  3. Open Box: Odyssey CF4848, 48″ Wide x 48″ Tall Carpet Fold-out Stand

    Odyssey Innovative CF4848 Carpeted Foldout Facade suits most DJ coffins, DJ controllers,...

  4. JMAZ 10FT (3M) SQUARE TRUSS Staging Support System

    The JMAZ Truss is one of the most trusted staging support systems in the industry and is...

  5. JMAZ 8FT (2.5M) SQUARE TRUSS Staging Support System

    The JMAZ Truss is one of the most trusted staging support systems in the industry and is...

  6. JMAZ 6FT (2M) SQUARE TRUSS Staging Support System

    The JMAZ Truss is one of the most trusted staging support systems in the industry and is...

  7. B-Stock: Odyssey LTBXS2, Two Tier X-Stand For DJ Coffins and Controller Cases - Black

    This is an X-Stand for DJ Coffins, DJ controller cases, keyboards and even DJ...

  8. Odyssey FZF33362T 33″ Wide x 36″ Tall Two-Tier DJ Fold-out Stand

    The Odyssey FZF33362T 33″ Wide x 36″ Tall Two-Tier DJ Fold-out Stand, Top...

  9. B-Stock: Headliner HL31001 Speaker Stand Mounting Plate, (replaces Novopro TVM35)

    The Headliner Speaker Stand Mounting Plate is designed to mount a fixture such as a TV...

  10. Glorious AMS-STAND-LAPTOP-SESSION Laptop Stand for Session Cube XL

    The Glorious AMS-STAND-LAPTOP-SESSION is a Laptop Stand for Session Cube XL. Suitable...

  11. ProX X-MOBICP18 Cellphone Holder Selfie Stick with Table Stand Tripod Clamp and Case

    The ProX X-MOBI CP18 is a unique, Hands-Free Mobile Device Clamp kit that fits Apple...

  12. ProX X-HH712 Universal Desktop Headphone Stand

    The ProX X-HH712 is a Universal Desktop Headphone Stand is built with durable, black...

  13. ProX X-HH815 Headphone Pole Stand for 12" Shaft Cases with Rotating Hook

    The ProX X-HH815 Headphone Pole Stand is designed with the DJ in mind.   It is...

  14. ProX XF-VISTA WH VISTA White DJ Booth Facade Table Station with White/Black Scrim Kit and Padded Travel Bag

    The ProX XF-VISTA WH Vista DJ Booth and Workstation gives you an elegant professional...

  15. Hercules GS401BB Mini Acoustic Guitar Stand with Bag

    The HERCULES Mini Guitar Stand GS401BB for Acoustic Guitar is designed to fold up...

  16. Gator Frameworks GFW-UKE-HNGRMHG Wall Mounted Ukulele/Mandolin Hanger with Mahogany Mounting Plate

    The Gator Frameworks Ukulele Hanger in maple provides a clean, classic presentation for...

  17. Odyssey DJBOOTHM65 Media DJ Booth for 65″ Flat Screen TV/Monitor

    The Odyssey DJBOOTHM65 is a Media DJ Booth for a 65″ Flat Screen TV and Monitor....

  18. Odyssey DJBOOTHM46 Media DJ Booth for 46″ Flat Screen TV/Monitor

    The Odyssey DJBOOTHM46 is a Media DJ Booth, Fits 46″ Flat Screen TV/Monitor....

  19. Odyssey DJBOOTHC1 CONTROL DJ Booth

    The Odyssey DJBOOTHC1 is a CONTROL DJ Booth. Approximate top surface measurements 39.5"...

  20. Odyssey MDJ55W Majestic Portable DJ Booth with 55″ Flat Screen Monitor Cabinet

    The Odyssey MDJ55W is a Majestic DJ Booth is an all-in-one, roll-in/out mobile DJ...

  21. Odyssey MDJ65W Majestic Portable DJ Booth with 65″ Flat Screen Monitor Cabinet

    The Odyssey MDJ65W Majestic DJ Booth is an all-in-one, roll-in/out mobile DJ system. Its...

  22. Odyssey LSTANDRED, Table Top Laptop Stand with Clamps - Red

    The L STAND for Laptops is adjustable to 4 heights. Set it low for a minimal clearance...

    Special Price $35.99 was $49.99
  23. Odyssey LSTANDBLU, DJ Table Top Laptop Stand with Clamps - Blue

    The Odyssey LSTANDBLU is Laptop folding L STAND MOBILE is adjustable height maximum...

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Your DJ Booth or Mobile Setup deserves a professional look and organized presentation.

If you're a mobile DJ, having the right DJ shelf system, DJ Stands, DJ table, and podium make a huge difference. Setup and teardown are much faster and easier when you have proper tables and shelves for everything.

A laptop stand is one of the first things a working DJ needs to have proper form and access to media players or turntables and easily view the DJ software where you need it. 

When you have pro DJ equipment like folding DJ tables that are sturdy but collapsible, equipment racks, deck stands, and cases for your equipment, setup is just so much easier. 

Your DJ controller and turntables will also look amazing and be secure when you have a proper DJ table or even a cheap DJ stand.

Checklist for Working DJ Table and Cases

  • DJ Table - foldable if possible for transport
  • DJ Facade - upgrade your look with a professional Facade
  • DJ Mixer Stand - this is sometimes built into your coffin or other full-size tabletop DJ case
  • DJ Laptop Stand - elevate your Laptop software so it's right where you need it
  • Controller Case or Coffin - protect your gear and keep it organized
  • DJ Speaker Covers - Bags or Covers to keep your speakers looking awesome and damage-free
  • Handtruck or DJ Trolley, Dolly - Save your back and use a professional DJ Cart to haul your gear

DJ Laptop Stand

One of the most important pieces of DJ gear for the modern DJ is a Laptop Stand. This stand elevates your Laptop to the perfect height so you aren't kneeling down and putting phone books or other random stuff under your DJ laptop when you're performing.

Some of the flight cases for DJ controllers will have built-in laptop stands of some kind. Others won't and you'll need to pack an additional DJ laptop stand. Laptop Stands are super popular for home DJ studio applications as well as live DJ performance to simply get the laptop positioned out of the way but still accessible when you need it.

The DJ Laptop stand is often called a DJ Stand and is an essential piece of gear for any DJ. Our Best Seller is the simple Ultimate DJ Laptop Stand listed here.

DJ Tables

As a DJ just starting out we've all set up on banquet tables or Costco tables with a drape and it worked. When it's time to up your game, getting a professional DJ table is a great investment.

Most DJ Tables have adjustable height settings so you'll have your DJ equipment right where you need it. Also, when you bring in your own table it shows you're not a rookie to the client, and you can charge more. Adding a DJ table to your DJ gear will allow you to set up quicker and add a professional feel and consistency to your setup. All good things.

Some DJ Tables double as road cases with racks built-in. These types of DJ cases can hold all of your DJ Gear including electronics, turntables, and controllers right inside the case. Once the case is opened you use it as a DJ performance table. These types of DJ tables have heavy-duty casters so they can roll. These DJ cases can get quite heavy with all that gear inside.

DJ Controller Stands

A DJ Controller Stand is similar and often the same frame as a DJ Laptop stand. It has the same L Stand frame style to elevate your DJ Controller but often will have two shelves to host a Laptop and 1 Controller or alternately 2 DJ Controllers depending on the DJ's setup.

How much is a DJ Table?

A good DJ table can range from $199 to $500+ and is built with durability in mind. DJ Tables are collapsible and portable for transporting to and from gigs with ease.

They are specifically designed for the working DJ in mind. Some of the DJ tables are built with a custom flight case DJ workstation like the ProX Mk2 DJ Table Workstation. Having a professional DJ Table shows your clients authority and professionalism. They also get your gear at the right height so you aren't bending over all hunchback Quasimoto style.

What is the best height for a DJ Table?

A DJ table on average should be about 37 inches tall. Adjust higher or lower depending on the physical height of the performer and preference. A professional DJ table will have some height adjustment so it's at the perfect height with optimal reach for the performer and ergonomics.

What is a DJ Facade?

A DJ Facade is a DJ table or DJ stand with a front display of some kind. Very often it will light up with various colors and change colors. A DJ Facade can change colors with the music and is a barrier between the DJ and the crowd. A facade is a professional, portable DJ booth that designates the performing area and keeps clients and party-goers out of your hair when performing.

How can I be a more professional DJ?

The most important part of being an expert DJ is honing your chops and being really proficient with your DJ Controller. There's no substitute for being absolutely fluid with your equipment. Furthermore, knowing the perfect song to play at the right time at an event is truly an art form and will come with time.

Having a fully featured, professional DJ controller is key to having a great show and moving forward as a DJ. Some of the Pioneer DJ models like the DDJ1000 are industry standard for pro DJ use.

Besides mad skills, you also need to have professional gear including DJ cases for your controller, mixer, and lighting, and a proper DJ stand. Having the right cases will protect your DJ equipment and lights from wear and tear and save you many trips to the DJ equipment repair guy.

Using a DJ stand or Table when you're performing and practicing just makes things way easier and more professional. If you are serious about being a killer DJ, get yourself a DJ stand. We carry all of the top DJ stands, high-quality DJ cases, and tables from brands like Odyssey, ProX, Magma, and more.

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