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We have a huge selection of DJ Equipment in stock from DJ Controllers and Laptop Stands to dj cases and controller covers. We've got all the top DJ Equipment in stock and we ship same day in most cases. We're an authorized Pioneer DJ Controllers and Chauvet DJ Lighting dealer with buying power that guarantees you the best prices.  If you find a lower price just give us a call, we're happy to beat it no problem. More importantly, we're here to help you get the right DJ equipment you need and ship fast to your door.  Call us anytime 800-700-4542.

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  1. Headliner HL90980 HD3 Monitors and Roxy USB Microphone Bundle for Recording

    The Headliner HL90980 is a HD3 Monitors and Roxy USB Microphone Bundle for Recording...

  2. B-Stock: MWM Mixfader Wireless Portable Fader

    The MWM Mixfader is the world’s first wireless portable fader. It preserves the...

  3. B-Stock: Magma MGA40964 DJ Controller Workstation Case For Pioneer DDJ-SX / SX2 / RX

    The Magma DJ Controller Workstation DDJ-SX was designed to transport and protect the...

  4. B-Stock: Magma MGA40993 DJ Case for Multi-Format Workstation XXL Plus 19

    The new Multi-Format WorkStation XXL Plus 19” is a heavy-duty road case for your...

  5. B-Stock: Magma MGA40978 DJ Controller Case MCX-8000

    The Magma MGA40978 is a DJ Controller Case MCX-8000 is designed to hold the new Denon...

  6. Serato SCV-SP-075-G3 12" Sacred Geometry III Control Vinyl - The Seed (Pair)

    The Serato SCV-SP-075-G3 is a 12" Sacred Geometry III Control Vinyl - The Seed...

  7. B-Stock: Reloop AMS-COVER-RP2000-4000 Dust Cover For Reloop RP-1000/2000/4000 MK1 and MK2

    The standard dust cover for the Reloop RP turntable models 1000, 2000, and 4000 MK3...

  8. B-Stock: Ultimate Support TS80B Original Series Aluminum Tripod Speaker Stand

    The Original Series speaker stands from Ultimate Support are extraordinarily strong yet...

  9. B-Stock: Decksaver DS-PC-DJM800 12" Mixer Cover Fits DJM-850/800/750, Xone-62/92, DN-X1100/1600/1700

    The Decksaver DS-PC-DJM800 is a 12" Mixer Cover Fits DJM-850/800/750, Xone-62/92,...

  10. B-Stock: Decksaver DS-PC-STR8ST150 Stanton STR8/ST-150 Cover

    The Decksaver DS-PC-STR8ST150 is a Stanton STR8/ST-150 Cover is tailor-made to exacting...

  11. B-Stock: Decksaver DSP-PC-X32 Pro Behringer X32 Cover

    The Decksaver DSP-PC-X32 is a Pro Behringer X32 Cover designed and engineered...

  12. JMAZ Versa Flex 4 Par Transport Bag

    The JMAZ Versa Flex transport bag will keep your Versa Flex Pars safe while you’re...

  13. Shure MV7X Podcast Microphone - Black

    The Shure MV7X is a Podcast Microphone Black, Podcasting or recording on a budget, but...

  14. Shure MV88+ STEREO USB Digital Stereo Condenser Microphone

    The Shure MV88+ STEREO USB is a multipurpose microphone to cover your every recording...

  15. Shure SE846 GEN 2 True Wireless Earphone Bundle

    The Shure SE846 GEN 2 is a True Wireless Earphone Bundle delivered through four...

  16. Shure AONIC215GEN2 True Wireless Sound Isolating Earphones

    The Shure AONIC215GEN2 is a True Wireless Sound Isolating Earphones Engineered from...

  17. Allen & Heath ME-1 Personal Mixing System

    The Allen & Heath ME-1 is probably the most sophisticated personal mixer on the...

  18. Allen & Heath AH-ME-U Parallel Connection 10 Port PoE Monitor Hub

    The Allen & Heath ME-U is a touring grade, 10 port PoE hub providing power and audio...

  19. Allen & Heath DX32 96kHz Modular Expander with Full Redundancy Option

    The Allen & Heath DX32 Expander adds remote, modular I/O to a dLive, AHM-64, Avantis...

  20. Gator GWP-MIC-SM7B Titan Series Case with Shure SM7B Vocal Microphone

    This Gator GWP-MIC-SM7B Titan Series Case with Shure SM7B Vocal Microphone DJ Package...

  21. Gator G-MIC-SM7B-EVA EVA Hard Case with Shure SM7B Vocal Microphone

    This Gator G-MIC-SM7B-EVA EVA Hard Case with Shure SM7B Vocal Microphone package comes...

  22. Open Box: Odyssey FZ1116WDLX 11U Top Slanted 16U Vertical Pro Combo Rack with Side Table and Casters

    Our ATA Combo Racks give you the best of both worlds. Mount mixers and controllers on...

  23. Open Box: Odyssey FZ1112WDLX 11U Top Slanted 12U Vertical Pro Combo Rack with Side Table and Casters

    Our ATA Combo Racks give you the best of both worlds. Mount mixers and controllers on...

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What is the best DJ equipment for a beginner?

The days of turntables and traditional dj coffins have made way for more modern digital dj controllers with everything built in. The world of DJing has changed a lot over the last decade. dj software

Beginner DJ Equipment

For a basic DJ setup it's best to start with a laptop and a simple controller like a Pioneer DDJ400 or DDJ800 controller. These dj controllers hook up directly to your laptop, have all the basic features you need and are not overly complicated.

There are two major software's ruling the DJ world, Serato DJ Pro and Recordbox. The most compatible and most common dj software is Serato Pro. Once you learn it you'll be able to use it fluidly with most of the compatible controllers. Recordbox is less popular and less compatible and comes with some DJ controllers standard.

Add some high quality DJ headphones that are made for DJing and you've got your initial dj setup. Make sure you use a decent laptop that's not too dated or full of software. You may find setting the laptop back to factory defaults and only installing the software you need will help with any performance issues.

Professional DJ controllers can cost thousands of dollars so if you're unsure of how serious you are, start with the above recommendations.

DJ Speakers

There are two kinds of DJ speakers, performance and studio. The performance speakers are basically loudpeakers or PA speakers that are going to rock the house, made for a club with lots of bass. If you're planning on doing house parties or events where they don't have sound you'll need some kind of DJ Speakers.

Studio speakers, or Studio Monitors are meant for practicing and recording at home or recording studio etc. Studio Monitors aren't meant for extremely high SPL volume levels and shouldn't be used for house parties, use performance PA speaker equipment for that.

Turntables vs Digital DJ Controller

As mentioned above, digital DJ Controllers have become very popular. So do DJ's use turntables anymore? The answer is clearly yes.

It's much easier to start DJing using a controller so I recommend you start there. It's also much cheaper to start with an all in one DJ Controller or Laptop with DJ Controller when you're starting out.

Professional Dj turntables are expensive and can easily cost $2000 for a set of nice turntables. When you use turntables you'll also need to get a dj mixer that can fade between the two audio sources. Yep, you can do scratch effects with turntables but also do the same on a dj controller for a lot less money.

DJ Mixers

A DJ mixer is very different from a PA mixer. It has a different layout with special DJ inputs and outputs. If you have two media controllers or turntables you need to have some type of DJ mixer to blend the sounds together and cross fade them.

The crossfader is the keystone feature of the DJ mixer. It allows smooth transitions between music selections and also is awesome for classic scratch effects. Scratching a record while using the cross fader allows for chirps, scribbles, stab scratches, repeat scratches and more. These fun effects can be performed over the top of one or more of your input sources for a layered effect.

Finding a DJ Shop

There are many choices when purchasing DJ Equipment, online and local. If possible checkout your local DJ shop and see what they recommend to get started. If your local DJ shop is uhmm, less than desirable, find an online DJ shop that you like.

A good DJ shop can help you determine which pieces of gear you need and what cables and compatibility challenges you might have. Getting some help from an experienced DJ Professional is the first step in getting the right dj equipment.

Where do DJ's get their music?

Yep you're going to need music to get started DJing! There are a handful of common DJ sites including:

  • Crossfader
  • DJ Record Pools
  • DJ Mailing Lists
  • Tracklists Playlists
  • Soundcloud
  • Youtube
  • Shazam

As a DJ you're responsible for making sure you have the rights to play the music at your shows. There is a great guide here with links to all the popular places DJ's get music.

Wedding DJ Guide

Checkout our article called, The Wedding DJ Lighting Guide, on how to charge more and have an even better presentation for your clients.

Which DJ Performance Speakers should I get?

Trying to figure out which DJ Speakers to buy? There's a ton of them out there and some are certainly better than others and more bang for the buck. One of the most popular value brands is Mackie and we carry the entire line of Mackie Powered Speakers here at the shop.

When you buy Mackie you know it's going to sound good at a great price and they always have super innovative products.

If you're looking for Pro Quality DJ Speakers checkout the DAS Audio Speakers. They sound loud, clear and offer many different types of cabinets for different venue types.

DAS Audio is well known in Europe for high quality and has only recently been in the USA. The DAS speakers are built for clubs, churches and large events with high volume applications and modular design for daisy chaining together.

Hollywood DJ has DJ Controllers, DJ Speakers and Stage Lighting Systems for bars, clubs, outdoor events, and houses of worship.  Let us help you put together a package deal with special pricing and save you money.

Give us a call and we will put together the perfect dj equipment, audio or lighting system for you. We have the experience and can help get you the perfect dj gear for your style and the type of gigs you do.