Gator Cases GTR-PWR-DC5M Male Daisy Chain Power Cable With 5 Outputs

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  • 5-Output Daisy Chain Power Adapter Cable with Male Input Plug.
  • Connects up to Five (5) Effects Pedals from a Single Power Output.
  • 1 x 2.5mm Male Barrel Input & 5 x 2.1mm Right-Angle Male Barrel Outputs.
  • Convenient 12” Cable Distance Between Output Plugs Enables Spacious Pedal Placement.
  • Overall Cable Length: 5’/1.5 m.
  • Attaches Directly to Female Output on Gator GTR-PWR-5, GTR-PWR-8, GTR-PWR-12, or Similar Power Supply.

The GTR-PWR-DC5M daisy chain adapter cable by Gator allows you to connect up to 5 effects pedals in your pedal chain from single female power output. The 5-output adapter cable pairs perfectly with Gator’s GTR-PWR-5, GTR-PWR-8, and GTR-PWR-12 but will also work with most power supply models on the market. Each power output features a compact right-angle plug for convenience when loading up pedals in tight spaces and prevents the cable from coming unplugged during movement. The GTR-PWR-DC5M provides a generous length of 5 feet for your pedal chain with 12 inches in-between each output giving you free range to customize your pedals in almost any arrangement.

Product Specifications:

UPC: 716408554983

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height 2.3
width 2.2
length 3.5
Condition new
UPC 716408554983
Manufacturer Part Number GTR-PWR-DC5M