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  • In-jog LED displays show you where you are in the track
  • Improves the DJ's performance: DJs can concentrate on their performance, instead of focusing on their computer screen; Makes scratching easier: DJs see position of the track, instead of their computer screen
  • Jog wheels that look and feel like the platters on DJ CD players. Scratch with the DJ Control Jog vision
  • Large, solid 2-deck DJ controller; Controls 2 virtual decks + 1 virtual mixer; Rugged black casing; Powerful jog wheels - 5.9" in diameter: similar in size to the platters on DJ CD players; Touch detection + visual guidance; High resolution, low latency
  • Air Control: creative and spectacular - DJs can use the Air Control to gradually manipulate the low-pass filter, without any physical contact; The Air Control's range of 12"/30 cm lets the DJ's hand movements be seen by the audience


The DJControl Jog vision is the first mobile DJ controller to feature an LED display in the center of each jog wheel, high end jog wheels, and an air control all in one controller. The LED display simultaneously indicates both the playback speed and position in the track at a glance. These displays allows you to use the DJControl Jog vision visually as well as your computer screen. This really comes in hand for enhanced focus while mixing, faster responsiveness to track changes, and better track syncing.

Now you can pay more attention to your music and your audience. When a track is playing, the screen on each jog wheel displays 2 easy-to-read concentric rings:- the larger ring (on the outer edge of the screen) rotates like a motor-driven 33? or 45 rpm turntables, with the rotation speed varying according to the pitch adjustment; and - the smaller ring (in the center) indicates the position within the track, represented by way of 16 segments: the number of illuminated segments shows the current position in the track - from 1 segment at the beginning, to 16 segments at the end.

When scratching, the screens guide you by indicating the amount of angular displacement: in the display, you see the position that your hand can return to. By allowing DJs to perform based on what they see right at their fingertips, the DJControl Jog vision offers precision and speed unmatched in mobile DJing. Add in the air control, and the jog wheels and you have the perfect tool to take your parties to the next level. It's time to use your controller to move the crowd! IT'S YOUR TURN!

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