Pioneer HDJ-2000 Professional DJ Headphones

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Pioneer Pro DJ Headphones Model HDJ-2000 - The Ultimate Professional Headphones. Pioneer Headphones Model HDJ-2000 is Now available at Hollywood DJ. Pioneer HDJ-2000 DJ Headphones are the best in sound quality, fit and durability.

Pioneer Professional Headphones


The ultimate professional DJ headphones at HollywoodDJ

High-Fidelity Sound Design Made for Pro DJs
Long known for being among the best DJ headphone creators, Pioneer has created the HDJ 2000 headphones. The newest in Pioneer’s DJ headphones, the HDJ 200 has the high sound quality needed for professional use. With a driver unit featuring a diaphragm of the best material and optimal thickness, a voice coil for good balance from bass to treble, and a large, high flux magnet 2” in diameter, the HDJ 2000 pro headphones catch dance music beats (bass drums and cymbal rhythms) needed for DJ performances.

As DJ headphones, the HDJ 2000 provide superior sound insulation to make it easy to cue up the next track, even in noisy clubs and discos. The insulating material inside the headphones was also carefully selected and ear pads provide a tight seal, contributing to clear reproduction of mid to high sound ranges with subtle nuances. While known as DJ headphones, these headphones are also suitable for professional use in studios.

Snug Fit For Comfortable Use Even In Long Sessions
The HDJ 2000 DJ headphones offers an excellent fit with various ingenious details for comfortable use even in long sessions.

  • Made with a soft touch. The HDJ 2000’s flexible protein leather has a soft, natural feel is used for ear pad/head pad surfaces that touch the skin.
  • Snug fit. Low-rebound urethane foam is used inside the ear pads and head pad. Designed to fit over the shape of the head, maintaining comfort even in long sessions.
  • Minimizes stress on the head, ensuring comfortable DJ play with magnesium alloy components are used for the main body for both light weight and durability.

  • Excellent Durability And Toughness For Demanding Professional DJs

    The durability of the DJ headphone plug and connecting parts joining the main body and the cable has been improved, achieving construction robust enough to withstand professional use. The removable Mini XLR connector also makes it easy to replace the cable if it breaks.

    New I-Type Hinge Structure For Functionality And Design

    With a new i-type hinge, a smooth and integral form has been achieved that naturally fits the hands at any moment during DJ play. The headphone’s ear pads have a spun finish aluminum ring that matches the design of Pioneer CDJ player play/cue buttons, for a simple and stylish design.

    Other DJ Features:

  • Folding headphone: It folds into a compact configuration for easy carrying.
  • Carry pouch: It comes with a pouch for carrying.
  • Swivel mechanism: The housing turns 90 degrees for more convenient single-ear, on-shoulder, and various other monitoring styles. It automatically goes back to the original position after it is swiveled.
  • Click mechanism: It clicks into place to prevent inadvertent rotation or folding of the headphones during use.
  • MONO/STEREO switch: Ensures monitoring even with single-ear monitoring.

    • Type: Fully enclosed dynamic headphones
    • Frequency range: 5 - 30,000Hz
    • Impedance: 36O
    • Maximum input: 3,500mW
    • Output sound level: 107dB/mW
    • Unit type: 2” dome
    • Plug: 1/8” 3P mini plug (gold-plated, screw-type)
    • Weight: 10oz (excluding cord)
    • Accessories: 1/4” 3P plug adapter ((gold-plated, screw-type),and a carry pouch
    • Connection cord: 4’ long single coiled cable (about 10’ when straight)

    We also carry Pioneer CDJ-2000.

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