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Cardioid, true condenser instrument microphone, Continuous presense rise enhances sound quality, True condenser, transformer-less design, Great for micing hi-hat cymbals, strings, acoustic guitar and choirs, Includes stand clamp, windscreen and zippered vinyl pouch.

The Electro-Voice RE200 is a cardioid, true condenser instrument microphone designed for the exacting acoustic reproduction of choirs, strings, percussion and brass instruments in live performance and sound recordings. The RE200 is designed to be used in professional remote recordings, sound reinforcement systems, sound studios and motion picture/TV scoring stages.

The RE200's frequency response (see Figure 1) has a continuous presence rise to enhance the sound quality. The excellent transient response and smooth frequency response is gently lifted above 1,000 Hz, lending an open, transparent detail to the recorded sound. The RE200's transducer is a true, external biased condenser element based on the RE2000 transducer design. (Most studio recording microphones are true condensers because they have greater sensitivity and stability than an electret element). The diaphragm is ultrathin, gold-laminated, environmentally stabilized and ultralow in mass. The electrode is a precision-cut single piece, ceramic disc layered with gold. The transducer is biased by an internal dc-to-dc converter to ensure that its sensitivity and performance is not dependent on phantom voltage. The RE200 transducer is cradled in an AcoustiDYM shock-mount system for mechanical isolation. The RE200's electronics are designed to operate from 12 Vdc to 52 Vdc phantom power.

The RE200 is small, light and rugged, making it ideal for a variety of applications without being obstrusive. The RE200 is supplied with the model 311 microphone stand clamp, a zippered vinyl carrying pouch and a Wind Tech 5700-12 black external foam windscreen.

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