Open Box: Odyssey FRCDJBKRED Universal Large Format Tabletop Digital Media Player Case

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  • Gear not included, this is only a case. 
  • Steel Ball Corners.
  • Removable Front Access Panel and Rear Cable Cover.
  • Rear Cable Port Hole.
  • Cable Management Room Underneath the Player.
  • Recessed Handle and Latches.
  • Adjustable CD Player Width and Depth Support Foam Included.
  • Fits Most Standard Size Large Format Tabletop DJ CD Players.
  • CD Well Is 12.75"W x 17.5" D.
  • CD Well Walls are 3.25"H Around the Player.
  • Lid Cover Has a 2.75" Interior Height.


The Odyssey FRCDJBKRED cases offer a unique twist in design for DJ’s who want to make a statement that screams louder than COOL. This Flight Ready standard duty ATA case protects your valuable large format tabletop CD digital media player from the bumps and scratches of life on the road. It features a slide-out panel for entry to a front-loading CD slot if needed and includes recessed latches a spring-loaded handle and steel ball corners.

To Fit:

American Audio Flex 100 MP3, American Audio Radius 1000, American Audio Radius 2000, Amercan Audio Radius 3000, Denon DN-S3500, Denon DN-S3000, Denon DN-S3700, Denon DN-S5000, Denon DN-S5500, Denon DN-HS5500, Denon SC5000 PRIME, Denon SC5000M PRIME, Gemini CDJ-600,Gemini CDJ-700, Gemini CDJ-202, Gemini CDJ-203, Gemini CDJ-210, Gemini MDJ-1000, Numark NDX800, Numark NDX900, Pioneer CDJ-1000, Pioneer CDJ-1000MK2, Pioneer CDJ-1000MK3, Pioneer, CDJ-800, Pioneer CDJ-800MK2, Pioneer CDJ-850, Pioneer CDJ-900, Pioneer CDJ-900NXS, Pioneer XDJ-1000, Pioneer XDJ-1000MK2, Reloop RMP-1 SCRATCH MK2, Reloop RMP-2.5 ALPHA, Reloop RMP-3, ALPHA, Reloop RMP-4, Stanton C.303, Stanton C.313, Stanton C.314, Stanton C.324, Technics SL, DZ1200

Product Specifications:

Case Constructs: Silver Hardware

Case Features: Cable Port Hole

Exterior Dimensions: 15.00" W x 20.00" D x 9.50" H

Shipping Dimensions: 15.75" W x 21" D x 11" H

Shipping Weight: 15 lbs

UPC: 807822028935

EAN: 8078220289309

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BRAND Odyssey
Manufacturer Part Number FRCDJBKRED
UPC 807822028935
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