Audix DP-7

Audix DP-7
The DP7 is an award winning, pre-packaged set of seven premium microphones for live sound and recording. The microphones in this kit work in tandem to capture the explosive sound of drums and percussion naturally and without distortion. The D6 for kick drum and the i5 for snare have become industry standards for drummers and sound engineers. With the addition of the ADX51 condenser mics used as overheads, the entire sound of the drums can be captured with incredible, realistic detail. Also included in the kit are four DVICE tension fit mounting clips for snare and toms. All mics and accessories are conveniently packaged in a foam-lined aluminum road case for safe keeping during travel or when the mics are not in use. The DP7 includes: 1?.. D6 for kick drum 1?.. i5 for snare 2?..D2 for rack toms 1?..D4 for floor tom 2?..ADX51 for overheads 4?..DVICE gooseneck rim mount clips 1?..DCLIP for D6 1?..Aluminum road case 1?.."How to Mic Drums" video

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