Ortofon DigiBag MK2 Padded Gear Bag with Wheels

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Ortofon Padded Gear Bag with Wheels Model DigiBag MK2 - Padded Gear Bag with Wheels. Ortofon Model DigiBag MK2 Now available at Hollywood DJ.

Ortofon Padded Gear Bag with Wheels Model DigiBag MK2

Ortofon Model DigiBag MK2 at Hollywood DJ

The Model DigiBag MK2 by Ortofon

For DJs and performers that need to bring a variety of tools and equipment to each performance, the Digibag is a great all-purpose solution. With a multitude of different pockets and compartments, the Digibag can easily accommodate a laptop, audio interface, cables, vinyl records, and various other accessories - simultaneously. The Digibag also includes a special laptop sleeve, which can protect personal computers and other sensitive equipment. Adding to its convenience is a variety of carrying options, including backpack-style straps, a rugged shoulder strap, and a reinforced handle. The Digibag also features a durable pull-out handle with adjustable wheels and features an embroidered Ortofon logo on both the shoulder strap and on the front of the bag.

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