Ortofon Omega General Purpse Universal Cartridge

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Ortofon General Purpse Universal Cartridge Model Omega - General Purpse Universal Cartridge. Ortofon Model Omega Now available at Hollywood DJ.

Ortofon General Purpse Universal Cartridge Model Omega

Ortofon Model Omega at Hollywood DJ

The Model Omega by Ortofon

The Omega single cartridge provides upgraded sound quality, but in a cost-effective package. It uses a standard elliptical diamond to give you true high-fidelity, and is geared more towards those looking for a general turntable cartridge for any standard 1/2" mount turntable (including most USB turntables). A perfect match for the rapidly growing USB turntable market.

Fits literally hundreds of modern and vintage consumer turntables with 1/2" mounts. Delivers a night-and-day difference in sound quality compared with stock needles. Ortofon's Omega single turntable cartridge is a universal half-inch mount cartridge designed specifically to address the resurgence of home vinyl listening.

The Omega is not designed for pro DJ applications. It's instead made to help you, the home audiophile, achieve true high-fidelity sound reproduction. With vinyl-to-digital archiving thanks to USB turntables becoming a high-demand market, this cost-effective replacement cartridge is a perfect solution. It uses a standard elliptical diamond and fits any standard 1/2" mount turntable.

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