Pioneer DDJ-800 2-Deck Digital DJ Controller w/ Rekordbox DJ Software

MPN: DDJ-800
UPC: 841300101451
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  • Use Feeling Adjust to customize the resistance of the jog wheels.
  • Add flair to your mixes thanks to the dedicated Beat FX display. 
  • 16 backlit rubber Performance Pads to trigger Hot Cues.
  • Simply connect the DDJ-800 to your PC/Mac to enable rekordbox dj.
  • You can buy the rekordbox dvs Plus Pack to get low latency scratch control with your rekordbox library.
  • Automatically change the key of your next track to match the master deck.
  • Switch between displaying cues 1-8 and 1-16 at a touch to trigger each of them in a single track.

    Portable DDJ-800 2-channel DJ controller is professional DJ equipment that is made for performers such as songwriters, music composers, and party or event organizers. This DJ gear inherits the club-style outlook and is popular among many professional performers, who have pursued their career as a DJ.

    DDJ-800 2-channel DJ controller’s most popular features are Color on Jog Wheel Displays with high-definition LCDs, lighter body (1.3kg), and easy to carry wherever you like (portability). If you have a chance to get this DJ hardware, your performance will enhance, and you’ll have no trouble in transporting between soundtracks at weddings, parties, and anywhere else you play.

    Now you shouldn’t be worrying about MCs laying in front of the speaker, thanks to the efficient feedback reducer feature in Rekordbox DJ. With the connection of Rekordbox, it will automatically lower down the ‘howling’ sound from the mic, even if you plug-in 2 microphones at once. You can use portable DDJ-800 2-channel DJ controller to mix audio from external sources.

    Adjust the Jog Wheels

    Customize the resistance of jog wheels having high-definition LCDs to keep an eye on the deck and off your computer, tablet, mobile, or any other system. All eyes on the system help you to keep in check with the ongoing situation. You can adjust & customize the screens located in the center of each jog wheel.

    The customizable color LCD screen is located in the center of each jog wheel. The colorful high-definition screen reveals only the information you need, whether that’s a key waveform, current track position or loop points. There are very few DJ controllers, who have jog wheel option. The monitoring mechanism becomes more efficient with this Jog wheel option.

    Addition of Beat FX

    With the help of Beat FX display, you can add audio mixes which can easily synchronize with your current ongoing project without any compatibility issues. The Pioneer DDJ-800 2 Channel DJ controller provides popular FX of our DJM-series mixers quickly and accurately.

    Use can use the DDJ-800 controller to control the channel faders trim audio mixes and equalizers of external musical equipment such as various media players. In addition, you can also manipulate sound from external sources using the software’s Beat FX option when the controller is connected to a PC or Mac running Rekordbox DJ equipment.

    16 Backlit Performance Pads

    You can hit 16 backlit rubber performance pads to initiate the hot cues, pad FX, beat enhancement, various audio loops, and key shifting methodology all at your fingertip. The backlight performance pads are added to show effects of the button, which you press. This not only helps in customizing audio preferences but also helps in modifying various input options, according to different musical instruments.

    In 16 backlit performance pads, we have key shifting option too. This helps in initiating various hot cues & loops, audio mixing mechanism, and music composing tools.

    Rekordbox DJ Controller & Rekordbox DVS plus pack

    You can simply connect Pioneer DDJ-800 2 channel DJ controller with the Rekordbox to use the complete library of soundtracks. And when you use our DJ software, you can buy the Rekordbox DVS plus pack to get full control of music from your soundtrack library. You don’t even need to enter the license key to use the DJ software with the controller.

    The Rekordbox DJ also has a feedback reducer feature which will instantly detect & reduce the ‘howling’ sound of the mic. Thus, the mic’s feedback can be reduced and you’ll in complete control of the audio soundtrack.

    More Information
    item_type DJ Controller
    compatibility rekordbox dj
    height 2.74"
    width 24.8"
    depth 13.1"
    inputs 2 PHONO/LINE (RCA) 2 MIC (XLR & 1/4 inch TRS Jack, 1/4 inch TRS Jack) 1 AUX (RCA)
    outputs 2 MASTER (XLR, RCA) 1 BOOTH (1/4 inch TRS Jack) 2 HEADPHONE MONITOR (1/4 inch Stereo Phone Jack, 3.5mm Stereo mini-jack)
    channels 2
    headphones 2 HEADPHONE MONITOR (1/4 inch Stereo Phone Jack, 3.5mm Stereo mini-jack)
    jog_wheels 2
    number_of_decks 2
    onboard_effects Yes
    pads 16
    BRAND Pioneer DJ
    Manufacturer Part Number DDJ-800
    UPC 841300101451
    Condition new