Post Audio D111

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Post audio D111
Post Audio D111 Ultra-Wide Response Cardioid Vocal Microphone w/Case & Cable

 Post Audio D/One-Eleven Vocal Mic Features

• High gain dynamic mic

• Extra wide frequency response (30Hz -16KHz) designed to suit many types of professional vocal applications, including live performance, instrument miking and voice over work 

• Dynamic super-cardioid pickup pattern minimizes off-axis pick-up for reduced feedback and higher system gain 

• Suspended cartridge shock-mount system to minimize handling noise 

• Includes 7db pad and 5db bass rolloff switch 

• Silent operation lockable magnetic on-off switch 

• Extra heavy duty mic body and dent-proof steel grill to withstand hard professional use 

The D111 Package includes:
• Post Audio D/One-Eleven High Gain Handheld Mic 
• New design flexible posi-grip mic clip 
• 20' XLR mic cable 
• Molded carrying case plus protective bag
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