QSC AD-P.HALO Integrated 6.5" Subwoofer and 2.75" Satellite Pendant Loudspeaker System - Black

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  • Integrated 6.5" subwoofer and four 2.75" satellite transducers in a single pendant-mount enclosure.
  • All-In-One Solution with no Assembly Required.
  • 200 W RMS Power Rating.
  • Consistent tonal characteristics across the entire Acoustic Design Series family for surface, ceiling, and pendant applications.
  • Intrinsic Correction voicings available via Q-SYS Ecosystem and QSC processing amplifiers.
  • Rugged ABS enclosure.
  • Low-saturation 70 / 100 V transformers with 6 Ω bypass.
  • Transformer taps: 100 W, 50 W, 25 W, 12.5 W.


The QSC AD-P.HALO is a purpose-built, integrated SUB/SAT pendant loudspeaker system, featuring an integrated 6.5 inch subwoofer and four inch satellite transducers in a single enclosure that is ready to install out of the box. Designed for business music installations where music drives the atmosphere, it features a 200 W RMS power rating with significant dynamic headroom that far surpasses the performance of traditional two way, pendant mount loudspeakers.

All in One Solution, No Assembly Required: The AD-P.HALO is purpose-designed and fully integrated into a single-enclosure pendant that is ready to hang right out of the box. This hassle-free design simplifies and expedites the installation process, lowering the overall project costs and allowing the integrator to focus on the sound.

Designed For Performance And Musicality: Featuring a 6.5 inch subwoofer and four 2.75 inch transducers in a single, pendant-mount enclosure, the AD-P.HALO brings high-performance and musicality to high-end retail and hospitality applications where sound drives the atmosphere. The 200 W RMS power rating provides significant dynamic headroom that far surpasses the background music performance of traditional two-way pendant-mount loudspeakers.

Perfect Acoustic Design Series Companion:  The AD-P.HALO joins the acoustic Design Series Portfolio of loudspeakers, which offer sleek aesthetic design and high-quality sound across multiple form factors (ceiling-mount, pendant-mount, and surface-mount).

Product Specifications:

Effective Frequency Range: 40 Hz – 20 kHz

Sensitivity:  86 dB

Rated Noise Power: 100 W

Max Noise Voltage: 24.5 V RMS

Input: 4-pin male/female Euroblock with pass-thru and locking screws

Net Weight: 10.2 kg (22.5 lb)

Product Dimensions: Diameter: 339.7 mm (13.37 in) - Height: 433 mm (17.04 in)

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