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The Rane MP26 Mixer offers a versatile combination of analog mixing, USB soundcard and effects capability in a 19” rack-mount format.

It’s ideal for club and mobile applications requiring multi-track mixing and recording of turntables, CD players, digital tracks and microphones.The MP26’s twenty-two USB audio channels use Rane's low-latency ASIO and Core Audio drivers to connect to popular DAW and DJ software (other than Serato). MP 26 front panel controls are MIDI enabled, allowing manipulation of software parameters directly from the mixer’s control surface. An internal digital beat-syncronized effects engine makes the MP26 a creative production tool.

19” rack-mount four-deck mixer for Mobile DJ, Home studio or Club

Combine your favorite multi-track mixing, beat-making, looping, effects and recording applications with turntables, CD Players, microphones and an effects processor. This rugged rack-mount club mixer features a 22-channel USB audio interface with low-latency ASIO and Core Audio drivers that easily connects to most third-party music software.

3-band Isolator EQs plus High-Pass/Low-Pass Filter for Each Program Channel

Each program channel has its own dedicated 3-band isolator EQs and dedicated High-Pass/Low-Pass filters. These controls let you take full control of your mix to accurately and precisely cut or boost any component of your track. Use the full cut EQs to tune it just the way you want it, or use the High-Pass/Low-Pass filter knob to quickly cut and boost with one turn. The filter allows you to blend, mix or add a unique effect to your track. The filter resonance can be switched high or low in the driver control panel.

Six Internal Beat Effects

FlexFx bus includes Filter, Flanger, Phaser, Echo, Robot and Reverb effects that can stack with an external processor and software effects insert.

Integrated USB 2.0 Sound Card

The 22-channel internal USB 2.0 sound-card includes five stereo playback channels and six stereo record channels. Four of the five stereo playback channels support four virtual decks, D1-D4. The fifth stereo playback channel is the return for the software effects insert.  Four of the six stereo playback channels are for recording the four program strips post fader, one pair is for the software effects insert send and one pair is for recording the main mix.

FlexFx Loop with external analog loop and USB Insert loop

The FlexFX architecture in the MP25 is more powerful than typical effect insert solutions. The architecture includes the FlexFX Bus, an auxiliary bus routed to the FlexFX Loop which includes two independent effects inserts. Any combination of PGM 1-4 and Mic 1-2 may be routed to the FlexFX Bus. Any combination of external analog and USB effects may be applied within the FlexFX Loop.

Ultra low latency core audio and asio drivers

Rane’s ultra low latency, multi-client ASIO and Core Audio drivers set the standard for USB streaming devices. These drivers are fast and reliable, and are designed for professionals with demanding needs.

Rane ASIO and Core Audio drivers allow use with multiple third-party software applications that support Core Audio or ASIO. ASIO and Core Audio drivers are multi-client, meaning they allow multiple applications on a computer to share the device at the same time. When using a Rane product with Serato Scratch Live, proprietary Serato Audio Research drivers are used in place of Rane ASIO (Windows) and Core Audio (Mac) drivers. The included Rane drivers are used when Scratch Live is not running.

Take these industry standard drivers and unleash your Rane audio device on any professional software package of your choice.

3-year limited USA warranty for all registered products.

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