ROLI Loop Block Performance Control Module - ROLI Lightpad Block

MPN: ROL-001218
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  • Controls for Noise - iOS Music App.
  • Most Frequent Control Functions.
  • Tempo, Snap, Undo, Play/Rec, & Learn.
  • Connects Wirelessly via Bluetooth.


Loop Block helps you produce a track faster. Record loops and play them back. Set your tempo, and quantize your loops so they’re always in time. These studio techniques for producing a track can be accessed through NOISE for iOS, but Loop Block puts them right at your fingertips - so you can produce in real time.

The Loop Block is for producing. It puts studio techniques for recording and editing music at your fingertips. The buttons help you record a loop or sequence and play it back. They let you set your tempo and quantize your recorded loops so they run in time with the beat.

Loop Block connects with a click to Light pad Block and Seaboard Block. Just lift one finger from your musical surface, and you can record and fine-tune tracks in real time. Connect it to any part of Light pad Block or Seaboard Block — or not all. Loop Block works wirelessly, even when it’s not physically connected.

Product Specifications:

Width: 95mm (3.75 inches).

Height: 20.5mm (0.8 inches).

Depth: 48mm (1.8 inches).

Weight: 160g (0.35 pounds).

Connectivity / ports: 6 DNA connectors.

Bluetooth: 15-meter Bluetooth range, Mac OSX and iOS only.

Battery: Charges via connection to the Light pad Block or Seaboard Block.

Power: USB / DNA Input Voltage: 5.0V ± 0.2V DC

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Manufacturer Part Number ROL-001218
UPC 814773020154
Condition new