Scrim King SS-CLP-01 Speaker or Lighting Stand Clamp

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  • Fits 1 3/8 - 1.5 inch Pipe
  • Execute the cleanest, low profile look for your Scrim King Products
  • Custom Molded Scrim King Clamp with bolt to tighten


Keep the Scrim King clamp on your stand for assurance of a quicker set up time The Scrim King Clamp is designed to Create stretch point for Scrim King products only. Scrim King does not suggest and is not responsible use for any other application
More Information
material Plastic
clamp_style Plastic O Clamp
compatibility 1 3/8 - 1.5 Inch Pipe or Pole
load_capacity Not Load Bearing
BRAND Scrim-King
Manufacturer Part Number SS-CLP-01
UPC 661799289597
Condition new