Serato David Ellis Sidewinder Picture Disc 12 Inch Control Vinyl pressing for Serato DJ Pro - Pair

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  • Dual 12" control vinyls with work of art by David Ellis.
  • Essential for associating your turntables to Serato Scratch Live or DVS.
  • Encoded with Serato's ultra-high-resolution NoiseMap Control Tone.
  • The recognizable feel of real vinyl causes any conventional DJ to feel at home.


The snake evolved out of working with trees and related motifs. And the shape of a tonearm has always reminded me of a snake. At some point, I did a drawing where the snake was a snake, but it was also a stylus - like it was a way to play the record.

In his explorations of movement, change, and rhythm, multimedia artist David Ellis effectively combines his talent for visual representation with his passion for musical expression. The confluence of the visual and the musical typifies the wide range of his artwork, from stop-motion videos to kinetic sculptures to live painting performances or motion paintings.

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BRAND Serato
Manufacturer Part Number SCV-SP-069-DE
UPC 873857004435
Condition new