Tannoy Reveal 502 5" 75W Active Studio Monitor (Single)

MPN: 8001 7700
UPC: 5035866177004

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Reveal - the Details of Your Music Reveal 502 brings 67 years of tried-and-true legendary Tannoy sound to your personal studio in a sleekly designed enclosure that brings you pristine audio quality with a truly remarkable feature set. 5 Super-efficient Woofer and 1 Precision Tweeter 75w Custom-tuned Bi-Amp module AUX link option for mobile devices Premium Tonal Clarity Across Musical Styles Reveal 502 delivers absolutely premium tonal clarity, utilizing decades of experience in loudspeaker research and development. Whether it's pop, rock, jazz, hiphop, metal or electronic music, brutal honesty from your monitors is key when fine-tuning the mix of your music. Reveal 502 does exactly what it says it does: Reveals if you've got your mix just right Expertly Voiced for Massive Sweet Spot Custom tweaked by Tannoy's in-house speaker guru, Dr. Paul Mills, the active cross-over filters of Reveal 502 have absolutely impeccable timing. This produces the ultimate sweet spot so that you can move ar

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BRAND Tannoy
UPC 5035866177004
Manufacturer Part Number 8001 7700
Condition new