Ultimate Support MDS-100 Stand For Modular Device

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  • Modular Device Stand that can be expanded with additional MDS-100 unit and MDS-X Expander.
  • Optional Center dividing wall for placing devices side by side.
  • Adjustable outer walls.
  • Constructed from extra durable glass polymer plastic combination.



The Ultimate Support MDS-100 is a Stand For Modular Device from Ultimate Support has been designed to support the wide variety of hardware-based performance and recording configurations musicians all over the world are creating. Whether you are using desktop synthesizers, adapting effects pedals to your hardware synths, or looking for a way to elevate your control surfaces, the MDS-100 is the customizable solution you’ve been looking for. The adjustable clamping walls and divider allow you to firmly place more than one device on the surface- and you can expand to a two-tier configuration using two MDS-100 units and our MDS-X expander. Forget about overpriced, proprietary solutions that limit your choices, and take control of your setup with the MDS series Modular Device Stands.

Product Specifications:

Part Number: 17983

Width: 18.83" (478.40mm)

Depth: 7.82" (198.62mm)

Height: 5.55" (140.94mm)

Clamping Surface Depth: 8.34" (211.9mm)

Clamping Surface Max Area: 133.27 sq. in. (85980.47 sq. mm)

Clamping Width Range (w/o divider): 6.41" (162.9mm) - 15.98" (405.9mm)

Clamping Width Range (with divider, each side): 2.84" (72.1mm) - 7.62" (193.59mm)

Clamp Height: .91" (23mm)

Weight: 2.8lbs (1.3 kg)

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Manufacturer Part Number MDS-100
BRAND Ultimate Support
Condition new
UPC 784887179836