Zoom B1X FOUR Bass Multi-Effects Pedal

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  • B1X FOUR offers over 70 built-in effects.
  • 9-amp models for simulating classic rigs.
  • 50 memory locations for storing user-created patches.
  • Auto Save function for automatic saving of all patch parameters.
  • Onboard chromatic tuner.
  • Auxiliary input jack for connection of personal music players.

This Multi-Effects Processor starts with numerous effects that can be combined for use together. Effect combinations and parameter settings can be saved as patches to be used whenever you like. By simply switching between preset patches, you can achieve dramatic changes in sound. This processor includes a wide variety of effects, including distortion, chorus and reverb effects.

Understanding the features of each effect is important for designing your own sounds. By turning off the effects in a preset one at a time, you should be able to learn their individual roles. If understanding how a sound is being changed is difficult, try turning off all but one of the effects and adjusting its parameters as you play. The order of the effects also impacts the sound. Experimenting with the effect order could bring you closer to your desired sound.

Realistic amp and effect sound:

The rich collection of effects from the latest B Series content includes boutique pedals and realistic amp and cabinet models that faithfully emulate the originals. Using the free Guitar Lab effect management application on a computer (Mac/Windows), you can add effects that are distributed online as well as edit and back up patches, for example.

Craft sounds intuitively with easy operations:

With 5 buttons and 4 knobs, you can create sounds intuitively like working with a compact effect or stompbox.

Rhythm patterns and looper:

The looper can record up to 30 seconds and be synchronized with rhythm patterns.

Product Specifications:

Maximum number of simultaneous effects: 5

User patches: 50

Sampling frequency: 44.1 kHz

A/D conversion: 24-bit, 128× oversampling

D/A conversion: 24-bit, 128× oversampling

Signal processing: 32−bit

Display: 128x32 dot matrix LCD

External Dimensions:

Height: 156 mm (D) × 216 mm (W) × 52 mm (H) - Weight: 610 g (excluding batteries)

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Manufacturer Part Number ZB1XFOUR
UPC 4515260020720
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